Acoustic Floating Floor UAE

A Acoustic floating floor UAE is a specially engineered floor system in which the floor is built on resilient mounts intended to block the transmission of noise and vibration (specific types for each application). The word “floating” is employed because there are no stable or stiff points of contact with the floor. The performance of the floating floor is greater the fewer contact points there are between the floor and the framework.

The Floating floor is designed with supported by resilient mounts, acoustic insulation with side covering perimeter board installed on the structural main slab. The design of an effective isolation system is dependent several factors including mass & stiffness of the structural slab, Isolation mounts natural frequency and damping characteristics, Design of the floated slab, required noise criteria to achieve, control of sound flanking paths.

Acoustic Floating floor in UAE are recommended where there is a need to reduce transmission of noise,. This can be for example a gym near, residential flats, adjacent cinema screens, recording studios near a tube line and many more scenarios.


  •  Can be designed for any load range.
  • East to create 1”,2”,3”,4” air spaces
  • Fast, simple, inexpensive application.
  • Greater load capacity for less money


  • Roof top mechanical equipment’s
  • Night club dance floors
  • Broadcasting and recording studios.
  • Conference rooms, Gymnasiums.
  • Hospital and Home theatres.
  • Plant rooms and Pump rooms
  • Chiller and FAHU floors.
Acoustic Floating Floor UAE

Acoustiv Performance:

Acoustic floating floor UAE

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