Acoustic Vinyl Barrier

Mass loaded acoustic vinyl barrier is the ultimate noise reduction product for residential and commercial buildings. As a tough and effective noise reduction material, cheap mass loaded vinyl sheet is a more environmentally friendly and viable alternative to old lead sound insulation.

The goal of mass loaded vinyl sound insulation is to add dense mass to the enclosed area to prevent sound waves from passing through the ceiling and walls. In fact, you will find MLV sound insulation material in the recording studio to take seriously sound control.


  1. Thickness: 3mm,
  2.  Size: 1000x5000mm, 1000x10000mm

Mass loaded vinyl or mass load vinyl is a high-density nonporous material that exhibits non-resonant quality due to its flexible nature. Installing mass loaded vinyl not only provides amazing noise reduction capabilities, but also safe and easy to use. The MLV is usually connected to joists or studs. Once the application of sound caulking id done, the seam is sealed with tape to ensure optimum sound insulation.

The mass loaded vinyl blocks noise every day, from traffic and street construction sounds to railways, buses and even aircraft. For a variety of sound problems, this is a cost-effective solution developed by acoustic vinyl barrier manufacturers.

Technical Data:

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