Acoustic Fabric Wall Panels

Acoustic Fabric wall panels offer improved performance, design flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. Fabric wrapped acoustic wall panels are available in a number of styles to meet any purpose or budget. Typical panels are absorbers that significantly reduce echo and reverberation in environments, increasing speech intelligibility. There is also a panel for situations where reflection is required.
Perfect Acoustic Fabric wall panels can be installed on walls and ceilings, or they can be suspended as clouds or baffles. They may be custom cut into various shapes and sizes to provide a unique touch to any place. Color and design possibilities are virtually infinite now that many textiles have been tested and approved.
Panels are made of a strong fiberglass board or polyester insulation that has been covered in fabric cloth. The standard fabric color options are the Camira fabric & KadUK. Perfect Acoustic Fabric wrapped panels is Class A fire-rated and offer various edge finish and different standard sizes & thickness

Acoustic Fabric wall panels Detail:

Core Density: 96kg/m3 to 120kg/m3 acoustic insulation
Size: Select from regular or bespoke sizes up to 4’x8’
Thickness: 12mm, 25mm,50mm
Finish: Camira Cara Fabric
Edge Details: Square /Bevel
Facing: Fabric
Colors: Wide range of colors Camira cara fabric.
Fire Rating: Class A
Acoustic Properties: NRC-0.85 to 1.15

acoustic fabric wall panels


fabric wrapped acoustic wall panels in UAE

Area of usage

Offices & Meeting Rooms.
Auditorium & conference rooms.
Recording & Broadcasting Studios.
House of worship.
multi-Purpose rooms & Home theaters.

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