Acoustic Fabric Wall Panels

Perfect Acoustic Fabric wrapped panels offer improved performance, design flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. Panels are available in a number of styles to meet any purpose or budget. Typical panels are absorbers that significantly reduce echo and reverberation in environments, increasing speech intelligibility. There is also a panel for situations where reflection is required.
Perfect Acoustic Fabric-wrapped panels can be installed on walls and ceilings, or they can be suspended as clouds or baffles. They may be custom cut into various shapes and sizes to provide a unique touch to any place. Color and design possibilities are virtually infinite now that many textiles have been tested and approved.
Panels are made of a strong fiberglass board or polyester insulation that has been covered in fabric cloth. The standard fabric color options are the Camira fabric & KadUK. Perfect Acoustic Fabric wrapped panels is Class A fire-rated and offer various edge finish and different standard sizes & thickness

Technical Details:

Core Density: 96kg/m3 to 120kg/m3 acoustic insulation
Size: Select from regular or bespoke sizes up to 4’x8’
Thickness: 12mm, 25mm,50mm
Finish: Camira Cara Fabric
Edge Details: Square /Bevel
Facing: Fabric
Colors: Wide range of colors Camira cara fabric.
Fire Rating: Class A
Acoustic Properties: NRC-0.85 to 1.15


Area of usage

Offices & Meeting Rooms.
Auditorium & conference rooms.
Recording & Broadcasting Studios.
House of worship.
multi-Purpose rooms & Home theaters.