Acoustic Door

High-performance acoustic doors are manufactured and installed by Perfect Acoustics.
Our single and double leaf acoustic door sets are the most effective and user-friendly on the market, with attained maximum acoustic rating of STC 45 dB to 55 dB.


acoustic door


  1. High Performance
  2. STC Ratings Up To 45 to 55
  3. Custom Manufactured Acoustic Door to Any Size Specification
  4. Adjustable Soundproof Jambs & Seals
  5. Ready To Stain/Paint to Match Your Decor
  6. Best Performance Wood Finished Door Assembly Available
  7. High Performance Acoustic seals use – Door Perimeter, Automatic door bottom, Batwing, Threshold Seals.
  8. Heavy Duty Hinges Used.
  9. Door comes with complete sets that include frames, locking system, hingers and door closer where applicable.

Area of Usage:

Night clubs, Dance Bar etc.
Cinema Rooms, Auditorium, Home Cinema
Recording Studios, TV/FM Stations,
Airport Services, Broadcasting, Building Services

Education, Entertainment and Leisure, Healthcare

Industry, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing

Power Generation

Typical Acoustic Door Applications.

Perfect Acoustic is the your trust manufacture and installer for acoustic doors and acoustic windows in UAE.