Underlay Roll Mat

Perfect Acoustic Underlay is an acoustic underlayment for floors. It is made from 94% recycled rubber content and can be used directly under tile, vinyl plank/ tiles and wood flooring. In fact it can be used under any hard surface floor finish in concrete and wood frame construction.

It is used when superior sound control is required in multi-family housing, high-rises, or commercial buildings and protects ceramic tile, porcelain, and stone from substrate cracks.

Perfect acoustic underlayment engineered for direct adhered floor coverings such as tile, stone, wood, and vinyl floor coverings. it is a high-performance acoustic underlay designed to reduces the transmission of impact sound caused by people walking, impact vibration and noise reduction performance. This can be installed under ceramic tile, stone, carpet, carpet tile, and hardwood flooring. 

Area of applications

gymnasium, shopping mall, supermarket, office, library, hotel, restaurant, waiting hall, museum, cinema, auditorium, hospital, subway station, fitness center, leisure center, club, golf practice court, golf club, sound proofing underlay pet, ice arena, play field, supermarket, etc

Product Data

Material: Elastomeric rubber mat with recycled rubber content
Density: 700-750kg/m3  (-+ 10)
Recycled content: yes
Thickness: 3-12mm (+/- 0.3mm)
Width: 1200mm
Maximum Load: 3000kg/m2
Tensile Length: 3.48 kg/cm²
Color: Black (granulate)
Service temperature range: -30oC to +85oC
Impact Isolation Class IIC: 47 to 55
LW: 18 to 22 dB