Sound Testing

Perfect Acoustics have experts, engineers, test tracks and facilities to test against international standards

Two different sound testing methods are available.

  1. Airborne sound test
  2. Impact sound test

Sound testing is frequently referred to as “pre-completion” testing, which denotes that it is done right before the development is finished. This is relevant to new building, but it could also be referring to a test that needs to be carried out in a completed home that is considering design or construction adjustments.


  • This test will be conducted between any wall, floor, or ceiling that divides a home.
  • A loudspeaker is used to play pink or white noise while measuring the sound levels in each room is how the test is conducted.
  • The test will determine how much noise is lost through the barrier and how much noise is conveyed via the air.
  • Normal conversations, television noise, music, and many other sounds are examples of airborne noise


  • This test is conducted on a floor-to-ceiling wall separating residences.
  • On the floor above the room where the sound level is monitored, a tapping device is utilized.
  • The test will gauge the structural vibrations that the tapping machine transmits through the floor.
  • Steps and the sound of objects falling are two examples of impact sounds.