Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic Foam Panels is a very versatile material that is both a cost effective and attractive solution to echo problems. Studio foam is important so a recording engineer can get a clean track that isn’t cluttered with room noise. Acoustic foam panels placed on the walls and ceiling of a studio vocal booth make it so the recording is very clear and just the voice with no extra sounds. More and more these days we are having online video conferences both from the office and home office. Acoustic foam panels in Dubai, UAE can help the room sounds and make your meetings much more pleasant and effective.
Acoustic foam Dubai is great for absorbing sound when there is a lot of reverberation and echo in a room that makes it difficult to hear, or in a recording studio where it’s important to have high quality sounds. This transfers low-grade heat, transforming the sound energy into kinetic energy and dispersing the room’s reflection echoes. Foams are available in a wide variety of sizes, forms, and fire ratings (class B and class A). For soundproof panels used in public spaces like hospitals, schools, and churches, melamine foam should be used because it is class A fire authorized.
This are available in numerous color options, surface designs, thickness options, and NRC (noise reduction coefficient) ratings available for this. They can take the form of ceiling clouds, wall panels, ceiling panels, ceiling tiles for glue-on applications, or fitting in a T-grid.

Features of Acoustic Foam Panels:

1. Recycled Materials
2. Non-Flammable in Category A (Per ASTM E-84)
3. Small size
4. Ease of Installation (adhesively applied)
5. Impact-resistant and robust
6. Cheap fiberglass devoid of volatile organic chemicals like formaldehyde
7. Outstanding Acoustic Absorption

Are of usage:

Lobbies & Reception
Conference Rooms
Patient waiting rooms
Home offices
Office workstations
Theatre’s and Auditorium
Home Theatre
Multi-Purpose Rooms
Hallways & Corridors Libraries
Student housing Study halls
Worship Centers

Acoustic Foam Panels
Acoustic Foam Panels in Dubai

Technical Specification:

Size: 1m x 2m,1m x 1m, 50cm x 50cm
Thickness: 30-50mm
Shape: Egg Crated, Wedge, Pyramid, Plain, Labyrinth
Color: Black, white, red, Blue, Yellow.
Fire Retardant
Type: PU Foam or Melamine type.

Our Acoustic Foam Panel and acoustic foam Dubai within the UAE provide you with the opportunity to achieve the highest quality of acoustics, with our acoustic door and acoustic window. Get in touch with Perfect Acoustic now to find out what we can do to transform the soundscape of your home, one area at a time.