Acoustic Baffle Ceiling

Perfect Acoustic – Acoustic Baffle Ceiling reduce reverberation time, lower ambient noise levels, and improve communication in a variety of applications. Baffles are economical alternatives for both large- and small-scale spaces such as gymnasiums, ice arenas, swimming pools, and event spaces of all sort.
Perfect Acoustic Baffle Ceiling provide absorption to a space in need of sound clarity and speech intelligibility. Absorption lessens the echo and reverberation within the room it is installed.
Ceiling treatments are a great place to start. Reverberation may frequently provide the appearance of annoying noise in the background. This is mostly caused by the overall volume in the room; therefore, it can lead to ear fatigue and lower concentration for the listener.
Regardless of the space, adding sound absorption to your room will make a noticeable difference instantly.

Acoustic Baffle Ceiling Technical Details:

Type: Vertical, Horizontal, circular.
Core Density: 96kg/m3 to 120kg/m3 acoustic insulation
Size: Select from regular or bespoke sizes up to 4’x8’
Thickness: 12mm, 25mm,50mm
Finish: Camira Cara Fabric
Facing: Fabric
Colors: Wide range of colors Camira cara fabric.
Fire Rating: Class A
Acoustic Properties: NRC-0.85 to 1.15

Acoustic Performance

Acoustic Baffle Ceiling

Perfect Acoustic is your trusted acoustic baffle ceiling supplier to reduce noise in your room. Contact and get acoustic room wall panel.